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Birdwatching at Carrollwoods Campground and GrapefullSisters Vineyard is alot of fun.  Being on the North Carolina and  South Carolina state line gives us great birding for all four seasons.  

There are many birds we have seen on site and we have several different habitats to view birds.  We have a pond for water birds, fields and forest.  To the rear of the campground is 10,000 acers of undeveloped wildlife area.  While birding in the undevelopded 10,000 acers area is not allowed, we do get quite a diverse variety of birds that come with the many different habitats that we have on site.  We also have domesticated chickens, ducks, and a moody goose.   


Please use the message board to post what you see and where you see it to help other bird watchers.    Birding is available to guests and to non guests of the campground and Inn d' Vine.   ALLLWAYS check in at the wine shop before going looking for birds. 

I found a baby bird—what do I do?

I found an injured bird—what do I do? 




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List of birds of North Carolina

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of North Carolina.

In the state of North Carolina, 469 species of birds have been recorded.[1] This number includes the bird species that have been sighted in North Carolina and are believed to be of wild origin. The North Carolina Bird Records Committee maintains the records for bird sightings in North Carolina and produce the list used by most birders to objectively evaluate species recorded in the state. The committee votes on the validity of new records of bird species in the state. 

North Carolina Bird Books

Birds of the Carolinas

Birds of the Carolinas, 2nd edition 
by Eloise F. Potter, James F. Parnell, Robert P. Teulings, and Ricky Davis (2006)

This is a useful accompaniment to your field guide, with details on the status and distribution of birds in the Carolinas.

A Birder's Guide to Coastal North Carolina 
by John Fussell (1994)

Not a field guide, but a comprehensive guide to birding locations in coastal NC. Indispensible to birders travelling in the eastern part of the state.

Birding North Carolina 
edited by Marshall Brooks & Mark Johns (2005)

A new guide to 44 of the best birdwatching locations across the state. Includes descriptions of each site, with information about key species, where and when to go, how to get there, and what to look for. I contributed the sections on Jordan Lake and Mason Farm.

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